What is Walkipedia ?

What is Walkipedia ?

Conceived, designed and developed by the intellectuals from different countries of the world, WALKIPEDIA is a walking encyclopedia being popularised with a view to ensuring global sustainable development by solving all problems of the world including peacelessness, insurgency, religious intolerance, poverty, greed, unemployment, pollution, faulty educational system, population explosion etc.

Suggestions are invited from all those interested in strengthening the cause of development by emailing any useful material on the following email address :

[email protected]

All the governments, policymaking national and international organisations, universities, colleges, schools, statutory bodies, newspapers establishments, electronic and television channels, industrial houses, scientific organisations, authors, journalists, professors, doctors, engineers, healers, astrologers, futurologists interested in joining hands for optimising the available resources besides organisations and implementation of programmes having social, cultural, educational, scientific, environmental, technological, economic and positive contents may getting touch with the Board of Control of WALKIPEDIA through
email : [email protected] 

WALKIPEDIA Board of Control also invites individuals and organisations for getting listed in the International Panel of Experts in the relevant fields. For WALKIPEDIA, every individual expert is important and accordingly WALKIPEDIA expects their participations in this grand project of CLEANING UP THE EARTH (CUTE).

There are so many websites dealing with free encyclopedic information but WALKIPEDIA is different from them in the sense that WALKIPEDIA beliefs in the neological as well as neocratic approach to development. Neology is a art and science of evolving a new doctrine and neocracy is nothing but governance by new people.

The other main objective of WALKIPEDIA is to have a Welfare Oriented Worldview (WoW), but WALKIPEDIA call its as a Welfare Oriented Weltanschauung (WoW).

The WALKIPEDIA Board of Control hopes that this grand invitation to the world citizenry will merit their considerations for contacting the WALKIPEDIA Secretariat on a continuing basis and for interacting for ensuring an ideal global policy which could be sustained by the Mother Earth.

• Cleanliness is the Next to Godliness.
• Environmental Protection is an International Responsibility.
• Let us have more number of Job Givers, Rather Then Job Seekers.
• Let us convert Garbage into Gold.
• Let Interfaith Education be promoted All Over the World.
• Let us Depollute our Human Mind.
• Let us Create a Sustainable World.
• Let us Promote Spirituality.
• Save Our Mother Earth.



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