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Philosophy and Origins

Philosophy and Origins

The Indian Institute of Geoinformatics (IIG) was established in the millennium year for promoting education and training in the areas of geographical information system, remote sensing, geoinformatics and related subjects. Inaugurated by the Deputy Prime Minister of India Shri L K Advani during the GIS month observance on 14 September 2000, the Indian Institute of Geoinformatics is engaged in a massive mass awareness and publications programme by conducting need based action oriented activities related to Aerial photography, Airborne Real-time Cueing Hyperspectral Enhanced Reconnaissance, Archaeological imagery, Cartography, CLidar, Coastal management, Crateology, Full spectral imaging, Geography, Geographic information system (GIS), GIS and hydrology, Geoinformatics, Geophysical survey, Global Positioning System (GPS), Hyperspectral, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, Imagery analysis, Imaging science, Land cover, Liquid crystal tunable filter, List of Earth observation satellites, Mobile mapping, Multispectral pattern recognition, National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law, National LIDAR Dataset, Orthophoto, Pictometry, Radiometry, Remote monitoring and control, Remote sensing (archaeology), Remote sensing satellite and data overview, Satellite imagery, Sonar, Space probe, TopoFlight and Vector Map.



The Deputy Prime Minister of India Shri L K Advani inaugurating the
Indian Institute of Geoinformatics (IIG) at New Delhi on 14 September 2000.


The Indian Institute of Geoinformatics (IIG) has launched the following Certificate level courses for the benefit of the Central and the State Governments in the speedy implementation of different programmes related to road construction, public works, forestry development, transportation management, pollution control, desert development, land use planning and management.


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1.        Certificate in Geographical Information System

2.        Certificate in Spatial Database Design and Management

3.        Certificate in Map Digitization

4.        Certificate in Landuse Planning

5.        Certificate in Modern Cartography

6.        Certificate in Modeling Visualisation of Spatial Data

7.        Certificate in  Resource Management Using GIS

8.        Certificate in Remote Sensing


Duration : Three Months

Eligibility : No Minimum Educational Qualification has been led down. All those interested in acquiring expert knowledge of geoinformatics and allied fields are eligible to apply.


Fee : Rs. 3500 or US$ 85 only to be paid on account of admission, registration and evaluation fee.


This amount is to be transferred to our Bank Account having the following details :


Name of the Account : Indian Institute of Geoinformatics

Bank Name : Union Bank, Neb Sarai Branch, New Delhi, India

Account Number  :  579102010006960

IFS Code  :  UBIN0557919


Step by step method of learning at the Indian Institute of Geoinformatics:


1.        Get the Admission Form downloaded and complete the same


2.        Email the filled-up Admission Form


3.        Pay the Admission Fee by Cheque / Draft / Electronic Transfer


4.        Receive the Roll Number and Study Materials


5.        Go through the e-book carefully


6.        Complete the assignments and send the same to the Institute by Email / Post


7.        Submit the Project Report based on your experience and knowledge acquired regarding any topic relevant to the admitted student.


8.        Wait for the announcement of results.


9.        Receive the Certificate (Online)


In case of any clarification, contact the Facilitation Officer, Indian Institute of Geoinformatics, A 14-15-16, Paryavaran Complex, New Delhi - 110030, India by post or by Email : [email protected] 


For any clarification, contact may be made through telephone by calling on 011-29533801, 011-29533830, 011-29535053.


Click here to print the Admission Form


24-Hours Helpline : 9999833886


All those interested in getting admitted to one of the Certificate level courses are here by advised to fill-up the Admission Form given below and send the same on the above mentioned address by email or by post along with payment of Rs. 3500 by cheque / draft / RTGS etc.


The following publications have been brought out during the last 19 years of his existence :

1. Aerial photography
2. Airborne Real-time Cueing Hyperspectral Enhanced Reconnaissance
3. Archaeological imagery
4. Cartography
5. CLidar
6. Coastal management
7. Crateology
8. Full spectral imaging
9. Geography
10. Geographic information system (GIS)
11. GIS and hydrology
12. Geoinformatics
13. Geophysical survey
14. Global Positioning System (GPS)
15. Hyperspectral
16. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society
17. Imagery analysis
18. Imaging science
19. Land cover
20. Liquid crystal tunable filter
21. List of Earth observation satellites
22. Mobile mapping
23. Multispectral pattern recognition
24. National Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law
25. National LIDAR Dataset
26. Orthophoto

27. Pictometry
28. Radiometry
29. Remote monitoring and control
30. Remote sensing (archaeology)
31. Remote sensing satellite and data overview
32. Satellite imagery
33. Sonar
34. Space probe
35. TopoFlight
36. Vector Map

Organisations, Institutions, Universities and Governments interested in collaborating with IIG for organising Conferences / Congresses / Seminars etc. may contact :


The Chairman

Indian Institute of Geoinformatics

A 15, Paryavaran Complex, New Delhi - 110030

Tel. : +91-11-29533801, +91-11-29533830

Email : [email protected]



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